Cancelling Scheduled Homes- Cleanings in Essential buildings and Unoccupied spaces still Available

The following is a letter sent to our residential clients on March 18th regarding the cancellation of their services. Please refer to previous posts for our safety protocols and virus disinfecting routine.


Dear Esteemed Client,

After careful deliberation, I have decided to cancel all scheduled cleaning services until further notice. We are doing so for the safety of our clients, employees, and community. Please know, this decision is not due to any of our staff or their immediate family reporting any symptoms or exposure.

We are a family-run, small business and as such, are very close to our employees and you, our clients. I hoped to accommodate both our staff’s need for work and our remaining clients’ requests for help at home. This morning’s earthquake has further underscored our need to stay home and take care of our families. I also cannot bear the thought of our staying open for business leading to the preventable spread of illness. The thought of even one fatality due to the spread of COVID-19 is not something I am willing to risk. The sooner we as a community take social distancing seriously, the sooner we can get back to normal. By taking this step, we are doing our part in creating safety for our greater community.

I apologize to our clients who have been hoping to receive our services in the days ahead. I know your lives continue to stay busy, and that our teams coming in to help you with your homes relieves some of the stress we are all feeling at this time.

We thank you for all of your support, especially those of you who have reached out to us individually to ask about how our staff and our business will fare during this challenging time. Thank you for reminding us of the goodness in people and the strong community we have all built together.

We, and our staff will continue to stay in communication, supporting each other in the days ahead. Please, reach out with any questions or concerns you may have. We’ll be ready to get back to work as soon as we responsibly can.

Please refer to our blog posts for any additional information, including the virus disinfecting routine we will perform on our first cleaning back to your home. We will be offering limited cleanings for unoccupied rentals, unoccupied remodels, and unoccupied move-in or move-out cleanings.

Thank you once more, y en salud,

Nicol Razon

Owner & CEO

Utah House Cleaning

P.S. Please stay home whenever possible. You know your doggo has been waiting for this!

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