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Frequently Asked Questions

The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

  • Contacting Us
    Please call or text us at 801-635-7103 to book cleanings, or make arrangements regarding an existing appointment. For less urgent matters, you can also email us at
  • Payments Accepted
    We prefer to keep a payment method on file to run for you. We can also send an invoice for you to make a payment online using your bank information or a debit/credit card. If you choose to use a credit or debit card, you will incur a 3% processing fee to run this payment. There is no additional fee for ACH information.
  • Cancellation Policy
    In order to best serve you, we will accept a request for a schedule change or cancellation by 8:00 AM on the day prior to your service. Monday appointments, please notify us by 5 PM the Friday before your cleaning. For any requests received after this deadline, we will accommodate your needs, however you will receive a 75% charge for services on your invoice. For same-day cancellations you will receive a 100% charge. These charges cover our cleaners' time as we still compensate them for the time they would have spent in your home. The advance notice allows us to schedule someone else in your space to maintain our cleaners' hours.
  • Our Cleaning Teams
    Our cleaners work in teams of two or three in order to achieve the best cleaning we can in a time frame that fits your schedule. We pride ourselves on having a multilingual, multicultural, and multi-generational family of cleaners and staff. Our cleaners are hard working, dedicated, and detail oriented in their work.
  • Keeping Your Home Secure
    Your home is your sanctuary, which is why it is our top priority to maintain your home's security and your family's safety! Before hiring, we run a full back-ground check on all of our cleaners. We also require our cleaners to report back to Nicol if anything is broken when they enter the home or during a cleaning. Entrance to your home is at your discretion and on your terms. If you have smart-home controls, we suggest you program an entry code specifically for us. In lieu of this technology, you may give us access from only one specific entrance with a specific key, give us a garage code, or we offer our clients the use of a lockbox. This lockbox will be securely attached to a location of your choosing with a code that only we use. Every client is different, and we will take your lead on how you want us to have access to your home for cleaning. We take theft very seriously, we have a zero tolerance policy. If you suspect anything from your home was taken we ask you immediately file a police report so a detective may start an investigation.
  • Cleaning Specialty Items
    Our cleaners have the knowledge and tools needed to clean your more delicate items keeping them in the best shape possible. Please inform us of any items that need special attention.
  • Insurance
    We are a fully insured, bonded, and licensed company. We have Worker’s Compensation Insurance so our clients are not responsible for any accidents that occur in their home. Our drivers are all licensed with clean driving records and insured for our company cars.
  • Travel Area
    We service the greater Salt Lake area, which includes areas between Bountiful and Traverse Hill, Utah. We will travel outside of this area with an additional travel fee dependent upon your home's location.
  • Pet Policy
    We do not require that you board your pets or be home with your pets while we are cleaning. We request that if your pets are skittish, anxious, or potentially violent around new people entering the home, that you take appropriate measures to keep our staff safe. Making sure your pets are in a room we do not access, in a backyard, garage, or kennel will enable the cleaners to get the home clean while staying safe. Many clients leave out treats for our cleaners to give to your pets. Our cleaners are insured with workers comp, however, any liability or cost associated with a pet attack may result in charges to the pet owner.
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