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Our Story

Committed to Keeping Your Home Squeaky Clean

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Our Story


Utah House Cleaning is an independently, family owned and operated company.  When Pedro and Sandra first started Utah House Cleaning, they were both working other full-time day jobs.  Pedro, in a factory that manufactured propeller and construction equipment blades; Sandra as a nurse practitioner in clinics that served low-income and uninsured people in Salt Lake.  They would wake early to dispatch the cleaning teams from their home, go to their day jobs, manage clients and employees over the phone, and at the end of the work day go home to put schedules, chemicals, equipment, and laundry together for the next day’s teams. 


They worked this way for a year, with Sandra leaving her full-time nurse practitioner job.  In the fall of 2008, Pedro’s joined Utah House Cleaning full time where the couple put everything they had into building a successful business. 

In 2014, Nicol who is Pedro and Sandra's daughter became the owner of Utah House Cleaning. Thankful for the hard work and grit her parents put into growing this company, Nicol wants to maintain the good reputation and continue to serve Salt Lake City. Nicol is very detail oriented, compassionate, and caring which makes Utah House Cleaning maintain the glowing reputation that her parents built.  

Our experience in homes, offices, construction sites, commercial buildings, and more makes Utah House Cleaning the best choice for professional cleaning services. 

Company Values

Our Values and Mission 

Utah House Cleaning’s mission is to improve the quality of our client’s lives by maintaining the quality of their homes. We believe that a stress-free home starts with a clean, clear, and comfortable house. Our work is to help our customers achieve a sense of peace while they are at home.​ We strive to deliver a quality cleaning service for every customer, every time.

Our Employees

We hire our cleaners based on their skill and fit within our company culture. We take these values seriously, and expect everyone in Utah House Cleaning to take their work to heart. We aim to treat each other, our clients, and the homes we enter with respect.

By building a positive team and company spirit, we can be a support for each other. This allows our employees to stay accountable, stay honest, and love their work.

Environmentally Conscious 


We do our best to care for our planet with the use of reusable rags, reusable mop heads, reusable towels, and paperless billing. We have been able to reduce our in office paper use by moving our daily routes to an online version. 





Owned and Operated 

Locally Owned



250 Happy


per Year

Over 17


in Business

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