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We Take Pride In The Work We Do

First Time Cleaning / Deep Clean

What to Expect

 Starts at $200

To prepare your home for a maintenance routine or to spruce up for an upcoming event. This service takes a bit more time, but the results will speak for themselves! 

We will focus on those hard to reach spaces, full bathrooms, full kitchen*, ceiling fans, moldings, door and window frames, cabinet surfaces**, all floors scrubbed, mopped, or vacuumed, walls, baseboards, and everything in between! 

*interior of major kitchen appliances upon request

**interior of cabinets and drawers upon request

Maintenance Cleaning

What to Expect

 Starts at $150

When life needs to be more than the daily grind, let us take care of your home so you can take care of yourself. This service is best done after an initial deep cleaning to get your home prepared for a routine schedule. We can do maintenance cleanings once a week, every other week, once a month, or whatever fits your busy schedule! Cleaning prices are based on the individual home and desired tasks. The minimum is $150.

We will focus on the spaces in the home that get used the most and keep them looking clean and well maintained. We do not go off of a predetermined checklist, we customize what is cleaned in your home to fit your needs. 

Open House Cleaning 

What to Expect

 Starts at $200

Selling a home can be overwhelming, cleaning is one aspect that doesn't have to be! We focus on what's being shown and photographed so you only pay for cleaning that will help you sell at top dollar.

We will hone in on everything a prospective buyer would see. We will be as efficient and cost effective as possible, leaving the deep cleaning items to be done when you are ready to move out of your home!

Move Out / Move In Cleaning

What to Expect

 Starts at $200

Let your tenants or buyers know you mean business when you hand over a professionally cleaned unit or home. While we clean, we will notify you if we see damages.


We focus on parts of the home that often get forgotten by regular cleaning by the tenants. This includes baseboards, light switches, ceiling fans, full bathrooms, full kitchen*, rooms, and flooring.

*interior of appliances upon request.

Post Construction / Remodel Clean

What to Expect

 Starts at $150

Remodels and construction jobs can be messy, we are here to clean up that mess so you can just enjoy the new space. You can count on us to remove the dust on walls, floors, and every nook and cranny. We can clean private and commercial spaces after full or partial remodels.

RV/Camp Trailer Cleaning

What to Expect

 Starts at $80

Love camping but hate the clean up? Go to Burning Man and dread the aftermath? Let us keep your RV or trailer in beautiful condition by having it professionally cleaned after your outdoor adventures! 

We will focus on getting all of the dirt off the floors, out of window sills, off of the walls and all surfaces. Inside of appliances, cabinets, and drawers upon request. 

Office Cleaning 

What to Expect

 Starts at $60

Let us keep your office in top shape by having a weekly cleaning so you can focus on your work! 

We will start with the areas that your office utilizes the most. Includes trash removal, vacuuming, dusting, kitchen, and bathroom cleanings. Have our staff of expert cleaners start with a deep clean in your office so you can really feel comfortable in your second home.    

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